Welcome to my blog!


I created this blog because previously I was on tumblr, but I didn’t really like the layout and system of the site anymore. Though I loved tumblr in high school, it didn’t really seem to suit my needs anymore. I’m really excited to have an online space again where I can write down my thoughts, and potentially interact with others who share the same interests!

The main things I’ll be blogging about are my tortoise, Nugget, makeup, books, and occasionally about travel, mental health, and other life stuff that pops up.

I recently adopted a Horsfield/Russian tortoise a few months ago, and having never owned reptiles previously, it’s been an extreme learning curve! I’m hoping I can talk about the process for others who are looking to get a tortoise, as there’s not a lot of information available outside of Facebook tortoise enthusiast groups.

I love makeup, and don’t have any professional training in it, but it’s my goal one day to become a certified makeup artist once I’m done my current university degree and have the time and money to go back to school. I love talking about makeup and with how sponsored-content-heavy Youtube has become (with many exceptions, of course!) I’m excited to talk about makeup in a non-sponsored environment. I’ll probably post reviews, talk about what I’ve learned about products, and maybe post some looks that turn out okay.

As an English major, I love books, and do a lot of non-fiction reading as well when it comes to gardening and psychology. I’m not really into book reviews but I’m excited to have a place to just gush, fangirl, and complain about books.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to get writing.

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