Axiology Lipstick

I first heard about Axiology in one of KathleenLights’ videos, and decided to check it out on Sephora. I am a bit of a lipstick…collector (although hoarder probably more closely describes it) but eventually I narrowed it down to one shade and placed my order.

I was looking for a cute, subtle shade that I could wear to work that wouldn’t be super noticeable if it wore off throughout my sweaty work day. I ordered Devotion, a copper with rose quartz satin shade.


It went on smoothly and lightly, and felt to me kind of like a heavy tinted lip balm. What I really enjoyed about this lipstick was the packaging; it clicks in and out like a pen. This makes it so that the lid won’t come off in your purse and utterly destroy your purse AND your lipstick, because the lipstick is entirely clicked into the lid.

devotion 2.jpg

devotion 3devotion 4.jpg

Another perk of this lipstick is that it is vegan, cruelty-free, and that the paper packaging the tube comes in is made out of recycled paper. Though I don’t maintain a vegan diet myself, it’s really important to me that all of my makeup be at least cruelty-free, and preferably vegan. I don’t (personally) have an issue with consuming animals for nutrition, but I don’t feel super comfortable harming animals or consuming animal products for the sake of my creativity and vanity.

Unfortunately, the price point is a bit terrifying, coming in at $39.00 CAD without taxes. Though I love Devotion, I likely won’t be ordering more lipsticks from them any time soon simply because of the price.

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