ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit had a lot of negative feedback at first because the large, shallow pans ended up shattering on a lot of people during shipping. I, unfortunately, was one of these people. I remember picking the Sephora package up at the post office and opening it up in the school parking lot in my car in the middle of a blizzard before class because I was THAT excited to get it, but then was heartbroken to see that Forever Lit was entirely shattered. I took it back to my local Sephora, and then contemplated re-ordering it for awhile. I knew it’d be near impossible to get it in store because my local Sephora never seems to have enough stock of anything, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to risk it shattering in the mail again, with the freezing cold prairie weather likely screwing with the palette even more during transport.

I finally decided to give it one more try, and thankfully ended up with an intact palette the second go around. So just a heads up to anyone ordering the Nicole G palette, or other glow kits, or travelling with them, that these lovely little kits do have a tendency to shatter! I also had a friend from a mental health conference end up with a shattered glow kit when travelling by plane, so wrap those babies up safely in your bags!


This palette is stunning for summer and looks particularly lovely on medium skin tones, in my experience! Incredibly soft, incredibly pigmented, and little to no fall out. So far it is my favourite ABH glow kit, and it’s the highlight palette I reach for the most. I like to layer Kitty Cat and/or Daydream over my blushes, and like to pop Glo Getter and 143 over top of any bronzer I use on my upper cheekbones.


With the popularity and straightforward colour scheme of this highlight palette, there are fortunately tons of more affordable dupes for this palette! The most popular I have seen thus far is the ColourPop Gimme More! palette, although I haven’t tried that one yet. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll need to seek out any dupes as there’s quite a bit of product in this and I don’t see my self needing to replace it any time soon. I have yet to really make a dent in any of the highlighters despite using this weekly since I purchased it back when it was first released back in March/April.

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