Highlighting Moisturizers: Tatcha vs. Doctor D. Schwab vs. Tarte

I’m so glad this dewy, moist face look is still so popular because when you have skin as oily as mine you can basically chuck some glitter on yourself and call it a day. It’s nice to use a highlighting moisturizing product when I go barefaced because I feel that it makes my oily skin look radiant rather than just greasy.


I’ve tried three highlighting moisturizing products so far. I’ve also tried adding liquid highlighter to my foundation, but if I’m doing that extra step I may as well be efficient and have some nice moisturizing benefits thrown in. Here’s how these three compare in my eyes:

Most vibrant highlight: Tarte Brighter Days, followed by Doctor D. Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid. If you’re looking for a more subtle glow, Tatcha is a great option. It’s not marketed as a highlighting moisturizer, but it does have 23 karat gold bits in it to make you beam without going into Edward Cullen territory.

Lightest consistency: Tatcha Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer. It’s a very thin, liquid moisturizer that melts right down into the skin. When my skin is really dry, I do need to apply a second round to feel quenched. Flawless Skin Fluid is a smidge thicker, and Tarte Brighter Days comes closest to a runny cream consistency.

Most expensive: Tatcha pulls ahead with the most expensive price tag at $78 CAD. Schwab again is the middle man coming in at $48 CAD, with Brighter Days costing $42 CAD. However, with Tatcha and Tarte you do get 50mL, but with Schwab you only get 30mL.

Featured ingredients: Tatcha utilizes Japanese Wild Rose to reduce the appearance of pores, and 23 karat gold to boost your glow factor. The Flawless Skin Fluid features one of my favourite ingredients, Rosehip Oil. Not only does Rosehip Oil smell divine, but it is known to help reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation.  My tube leaked all over my purse while travelling in B.C., lucky me.  Tarte doesn’t really plug any specific ingredients in their marketing, other than “water” and “mineral pigments” to moisturize and soothe skin appearance.

Out of them all, I probably love the Tatcha Water Gel Moisturizer the most, for it’s ability to keep my oily skin hydrated without going into that greasy, discoball moisturizer type category. I also adore the healing properties that the Flawless Skin Fluid has, and its comforting rosehip scent.Watch out for the packaging though, as the screw on lid makes leakage probable. Though I didn’t have a problem with the Tarte Brighter Days moisturizer, I would never actually purchase it. I received it as a deluxe sample from Sephora, and have mixed it in with my foundation, but it doesn’t really wow me or do anything substantial for my skin or my appearance. For the steep-ish price, it just didn’t seem quite worth it to me with better options available. I may be biased because I don’t tend to go for cream moisturizers, no matter how thin they are, because of my oily skin (with Tatcha Water Cream being the ONLY exception, but that’s another story). All in all, I’d say they are all decent options! I definitely need to look into more affordable options. I’ve seen that E.L.F. has come out with a lot of skin care products lately, so that is next on my wishlist!


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