A smell…a smelly smell

For the past few weeks in my apartment there has been this strange smell, off and on. It smelled vaguely of rotting vegetables, so I thought that perhaps I was leaving Nugget’s (my tortoise) uneaten food in his enclosure under the heat lamp for too long, or that my garborator in my sink had become clogged. I’ve spent so many hours cleaning Nugget’s enclosure, cleaning my sink, cleaning out where my garbage is stored under the sink, etc. etc. BUT still, the smell would not go away.

Finally this morning, I was walking to the fridge and spotted the bottom drawer of one of my kitchen and it hit me. THE POTATOES.

I’d been driving myself mad for months only to discover I’d left a freaking bag of potatoes in my drawer to ROT and grow BUGS for lord knows how long. I spent half an hour gagging and pulling out potatoes that had rotted and managed to EAT THROUGH THE PLASTIC BAG CONTAINING THEM and removing live bugs and baby bugs and all sorts of nasty crud.

Holy moly. Never again. Moral of the story: don’t forget about your potatoes.

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