Shop your stash: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Vol. II

I’ve started to “shop my stash” as they call it (I need to come up with a different phrase for this) in an effort to: a) utilize makeup palettes I have forgotten about and don’t think of when doing my daily makeup, b) resist the urge to inflict pain on my Visa balance by shopping for new palettes too often, and c) challenge myself to try different looks. Each week (or so, depending on how many days I actually do my makeup) I’m picking a different palette from my current collection to focus on. I’m starting with eyeshadow palettes because that’s what I have the most of, and am going to work my way through lip palettes, contour palettes, and blush palettes as well.

(P.S. How amazing ABH’s matte lipstick in Dread??)

My first pick was a freshly received palette from my August 2017 Boxycharm box: The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II eyeshadow palette. This is not my most favourite formulation of their eye shadow, as I find that it the shades come off as pretty lackluster, even when I use my finger. Conch and Pearl are soft and buttery, but Marina is basically non-existent unless I really dig my finger or brush in there and build it up for eons. However, the shade selection isn’t bad for a neutral palette and if you’re willing to spend some time with it you can pull off a decent look. I probably wouldn’t have purchased this myself after swatching it, but because I received it in my Boxycharm box I’m going to try to get some decent use out of it!

For my first little dive into the palette I did a bright gold look. In my first year of university essentially all I wore was bright gold and copper eyeshadow, and to be quite honest I’m not sure if my eyeshadow skills have improved or not since then. Marina and Seaside in crease and corners, Pearl and Conch on brow and inner corner, and Sunset applied with fingers all over the lid. I also attempted falsies for the first time, so mind the gap!

IMG_2337Marina in crease, Conch on lid, Pearl on brow and inner corner.

Marina and Seaside in crease, Siren and Seaside for outer corner, Breezy all over lid (with finger, but still patchy af), and Pearl for brow bone and inner corner.

After this whole week, I realized that I’ve got really similar shades in Naked Smoky, and although people complain about Naked Smoky’s formula, it is still a lot better than this palette. I personally adore Naked Smoky, so I may be a little biased!

I think that this is perhaps another downside of makeup subscriptions for me. Though you do get a lot of makeup for a great deal, you do end up collecting a lot of palettes that don’t really float your boat. They end up creating clutter, and unless you have a friend you can give it to, I’m not really sure what else you can do with it!

Because this got me thinking about Naked Smoky and how I haven’t used it in months, I think Naked Smoky will be this new week’s palette. I’ve heard it’s being discontinued by the way, so if you’ve been eying it up for awhile, now’s your last chance!

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