How to reduce impulse makeup purchases

I used to be awful for impulsively buying new releases, and I still do have my moments. However, I’ve recently started to compile a few strategies I have used into a checklist of sorts to reduce the amount of impulse buys I make. It’s somewhat worked for me, but everyone has their own strategies! If you do something different to encourage responsible spending, then I’d love to hear it.

  1. Remove your credit card number from frequently shopped sites. Most sites like Sephora have the option to save your card number for future purchases. If you don’t save it, then for each purchase you’ll have to go through the effort of tracking down your credit card and entering all of the information. I don’t impulsively shop in stores as much because the nearest mall is out of my way and most days after school, work, and socializing I’d much rather go home than go to a crowded mall and have to chat with strangers. Online shopping though, is definitely a dangerous one for me!
  2. Block your favourite shopping sites. If you google “website blocker” lots of free options for browser add-ons that will block certain sites will come up. If you can’t access the site in the first place, it’ll save you a lot of pain.
  3. Unsubscribe from promotional emails from your favourite makeup companies. Impulse buys can easily become “justified” when you get an email saying there’s a rush sale or free international shipping. Ditto goes for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. If you can’t see it, then you can’t want it.
  4. Reconsider who you follow on Youtube. Are they constantly doing new product reviews or pushing product codes, or do they do tutorials that are not product or brand centred? It’s easier to cave in when you have your favourite bubbly Youtube personality recommending a product to you and gushing about how incredible it is.
  5. Straight up hide or cut up your credit card. I have found that months where I have removed my credit card from my wallet and placed it in an inconvenient place, I have spent a lot less. When I know that I’ll need my credit card for an errand or a trip I put it back in the wallet, but other than that I have better success when I hide my credit card in an envelope in my desk where it is out of sight and I can forget about it.
  6. Shop and swatch your stash first to see what you currently have that is comparable to the item that you want. For example, I have been lusting after the Natasha Denona Lila purple themed palette since I first saw it! But once I cracked open all my current eyeshadow palettes and swatched the purpley shades, I discovered I had at least an arm’s length worth of swatches and definitely was not lacking in the purple department. After seeing what I already had, I realized I did not need the palette and couldn’t really justify purchasing it and risking so many near duplicates.
  7. Wait until the hype dies down. When Dose of Colours first launched the Desi x Katy collaboration I was in love and was ready to throw down the cash (even with the horrible American-Canadian currency exchange) for the entire collection without even thinking. Fortunately, it sold out while I was at work that day, so I had no choice but to wait until they restocked. Now, considering the restock coming out on September 24, I’m realizing that I definitely do not need the majority of that collaboration! It’s gorgeous stuff, no doubt, but I already have highlighters similar, likely wouldn’t use the gloss much because my hair gets stuck in everything, and I wouldn’t use all of their lip shades necessarily based on my current interests and what I already own. Taking a step back from the internet hype and your own internal hype about a product enables you to think more rationally, wait for more reviews, and see how folks you know if real life like the product as well.
  8. Add up all of the money you have spent in the past month and year on makeup. Dig up the old receipts and email confirmations, and add ’em up. The overspending shame of seeing the dollars add up is enough to halt me in my tracks for at least a few days!
  9. Every time you get bored, sad, or stressed and feel like doing some empty shopping, have a backup activity planned. Maybe it’s blogging, reading, calling a friend, fiddling around with makeup you already own, or taking your dog for a run. Do something that will not only distract you from your urge to shop, but distract you from the emotion(s) that caused that urge in the first place.


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