The last thing you need or want: another Fenty Beauty review

First things first, I broke my no-buy. Technically, I was running low on foundation, but I really didn’t need to purchase highlighter or lipgloss. This isn’t good, but I shall continue on as best as I can with my no-buy.

I really want to congratulate Rihanna and the folks at Fenty Beauty for creating one of the most inclusive mainstream beauty lines we have seen in awhile. Everyone from those with albino skin  to those with very deep skin are finding perfect foundation matches with Fenty Beauty, some for the first time in their life! I’m really hoping the hype and accolades that this foundation line has received will push other makeup big wigs to broaden their foundation lines and quit with this 5-shade or 12-shade mostly-white nonsense.

To find my foundation shade I just eyeballed the pictures on the Fenty Beauty website and Sephora, and watched a few different Youtube videos to kind of gauge where my skintone would fall. I ordered 220 and it’s a pretty darn close match for my summer-tanned-olive skin.


This isn’t the best picture to show it, but I thought that this was a decent compromise between my really tanned face, shoulders, and arms, and my very pale neck. If you use a wet beauty blender you get more of a barely there dewy look, but if you use a foundation brush as is recommended by the brand, then you can definitely get medium to full coverage. It’s a nice matte, and doesn’t feel very heavy. I don’t have a ton of experience with different foundations but it was similar in weight to the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea water foundation, but with much more coverage. Again, it’s best to use a foundation brush as the Fenty foundation is also a water foundation and a beauty blender will soak most of it up. I wore this foundation without primer for over eight hours and only noticed deterioration on the middle of my forehead where I hadn’t used as much product. From all that I’ve read, watched, and experienced, this foundation is great for combination to oily skin and for those who live in humid climates, but probably not the best for those who experience dryness. Be aware of oxidization as well, as that has been a common complaint.

I purchased the Killwatt duo in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule. Very soft, very gorgeous. Very similar in quality to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Becca highlighters!


To give you an idea of how the shades look next to other copper tones, I compared the duo to some Becca and Tarte products. The top two are Fenty’s Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule, and the bottom two are Becca Luminous Blush in Blushed Copper and Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye and Cheek palette in Wings. The top two are more rosy, whereas the bottom two are more orange and brown based. Depending on your skin tone I think the duo is great as a highlighter or blush/blush topper.

As for the lipgloss, all that I’ll say is that normally I don’t wear lipgloss, but I really don’t mind this one. It’s a very flattering shade on everyone I’ve seen it on, the glitter isn’t too in your face, and it’s not too obnoxiously pink!

The packaging for everything is gorgeous, but you already know that from every single social media outlet over the past week! I appreciate that although it’s not drugstore priced, it’s not painfully expensive, and that the brand has tried to be as inclusive as possible with its shade selections. I’m still lusting after Trophy Wife, but it is so close to a Becca highlighter that I have, that I really don’t think I can justify buying it. So, on the Christmas wishlist it goes!

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