The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation

It is pretty much on my bucket list to try out everything that Deciem and The Ordinary make because I have had such great results with their skincare. Deciem is the Canadian, cruelty-free parent company to a number of different lines, The Ordinary being just one of nearly a dozen. The Ordinary one of their more affordable skin care lines, and the line also offers a few different foundation options.



I finally ordered their serum foundation in the shades 1.2 N and 2.0 N for $6.70 CAD each. The bottles seem small in comparison to other foundation bottles, but actually hold 30mL, very similar to Fenty Beauty Foundation that comes in 32mL, and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea that is 30mL as well. It’s crazy how packaging can be manipulated to make it seem as if there is more or less product in a bottle! That’s been a big lesson for me this past year, to always look at the mL/g of a product instead of just eyeballing the container and guessing how much product I’m getting for my dollar.


I did my usual skin care routine and then applied the Becca First Light Priming Filter. I applied the serum foundation in 2.0 N by dabbing some on my face with my fingers, and then blending it out with a beauty blender, and used my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea water concealer on my forehead, nose, and chin. I finished it off with my Physician’s Formula CC powder, highlighter, bronzer, and blush. I didn’t use setting spray so that I could see how fast it would break up on my T-zone.


The foundation itself, true to its name, has a very thin, watery, serum-like consistency. The plus side to this is that it feels lovely and light, and didn’t feel drying. Of course, I do have very oily combination skin, so it may be a little different for someone with dry skin. It offered sheer to medium coverage, and I found I could layer it up a bit in areas that I needed it. It didn’t fully cover up my acne or redness, but it covered it pretty well and made my skin appear smoother than it actually is.

I put it on at 4:40pm before my evening class, and after about four hours I did notice it starting to break up where I had applied concealer. This is likely partially because of the foundation itself, partially because of my highly oily t-zone, and partially because of the concealer I used. I would personally contribute it largely to the concealer, as it didn’t break up much on my inner cheeks near my nose where I normally get very oily as well, but I did not apply concealer there. I think I could definitely extend the wear time longer if I used a good setting spray and ditched my Tarte concealer.

For me personally, the comfortable feel and the low price point of this foundation makes up for the fact that it isn’t the most invincible when it comes to wear tests. I find that most foundations that do last 6+ hours on my super oily skin are irritating, drying, and uncomfortable to wear, so I’m willing to sacrifice flawless wear time for my comfort and sanity. Though it can’t compete with say Fenty’s shade range, it does offer 21 shades ranging from 1.0 to 3.3, which I thought was pretty decent considering The Ordinary doesn’t offer many makeup products to begin with (yet!). Though they do offer decent options for the lighter side of the spectrum, they definitely need to improve on their shade availability for POC.  Overall, as a broke university student I think this is a decent foundation, especially as someone who goes through about 3-5 different shades as the seasons change, and I’d definitely repurchase. I’m curious to see what their full coverage foundation is like as well!

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