A little Project Pan

I’ve had a lot of mixed feelings about Project Pan in the past, and a lot of failed attempts. At times it seemed weird that people were celebrating how quickly they could use up their makeup, or posting videos about how to use up your makeup quicker. That sort of mentality (for myself personally) felt just as wasteful as buying excess makeup and not using it. I’ve also had a lot of “failure” with Project Pan in the past as I’ve usually tried to use up too many products at once, or completely barred myself from any other products, or I’ve picked products that I don’t like at all but feel obligated to use up.

After a few weeks of watching makeup addiction videos and project pan videos, I think I’ve figured out goals for a project pan that work for me. I do feel excessively guilty that I keep purchasing makeup products when I have so many perfectly good older ones sitting around, especially when a lot of these products were ones that I genuinely adored when I first got them and that I have found memories of. It makes no financial sense to not use makeup that I love and spent my hard earned cash on.

The goal of my project pan is not to use up as many products as quickly as possible, but to get the most enjoyment out of my older products that will likely expire soon. Instead of limiting myself to just my project pan stash, I’m going to set a daily goal of using 2-4 of these products each time I do my makeup. I’ll check in six months from now, and see if this has changed the way I think about my makeup or changed my spending habits.

So after that long ramble, here is what is on my project pan list. I tried to pick a product from each category of products that I typically use for a full face of makeup. Some of them are oldie goldie ride or dies, and some of them are newer products, depending on how many products in that category I have.

  1. Primer: Maybelline New York Prime by FaceStudio Blur + Redness Control Primer. I have a fairly neutral attitude towards this primer. It doesn’t do anything incredible redness wise, but it’s not a horrible primer either. May as well use it up!
  2. Foundation + Concealer: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation and Concealer. I actually only have the concealer left, as I used up my foundation a day into the challenge. I thought I had more of it left, but I guess the look of the bottle was deceiving! This is one of the more expensive concealers I’ve purchased and it’s never really given me grief, so I’m hoping to make the most out of my purchase.
  3. Bronzer: Sephora Brand Bronzer. I bought this my first year of university and have yet to use it up, have yet to use it much at all actually. It’s a whopping nine grams of product but it’s a decent bronzer that hasn’t seemed to go bad yet, so I’m going to see how long I can use it for.
  4. Becca Luminous Blush in Bronzed Copper. This is a somewhat newer purchase, but this is forever my favourite blush. I find that it doesn’t make my redness and acne more accentuated like other red/pink toned blushes typically do, but the coppery colour still gives some warmth to my face. IMG_2847.jpg
  5. Highlighter: Rituel de Fille Luminzer in Ghost Light. I forgot about this little bebe when I bought my ABH highlighter palettes, but I’m bringing it back fam.
  6. Finishing Powder: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light.
  7. Contour: Tarteist Contour Palette. I think this is one of the first tarteist circular contour palettes that Tarte brought out, and this has been loved to death, literally. The blush has shattered so many times because I always travel back and forth between work and school cities with this. I finally got sick of trying to patch it back together with the rubbing alcohol trick that I let it fall out. It looks rough but it is clean and it still works! IMG_2848.jpg
  8. Eyeshadow: UD Naked 3. My baby.IMG_2850.JPG
  9. Mascara: Bare Minerals Deluxe Sample.
  10. Eyebrows: ABH Brow Pencil and Essence Make Me Brow. In one of Caitlyn Dixon’s Facebook live videos she mentioned that Make Me Brow is just as good as ABH, and so far I really like it! The price is perfect.
  11. Setting Spray: L’Oreal Infallible. It works decently but I want to use it up first as I ease into a cruelty-free collection.

Is anyone else doing Project Pan right now? What is and isn’t working? What have you learned?

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