Project Pan April 2018: Check-In #1

It’s been a few weeks since I started, so I figured I would check in!

I unfortunately decided to throw out my Tarteist contour palette. I searched through my Tarte order history and discovered that I cracked it open back in December 2015. Based on the general 2 year guideline for powder products, the 12 month guideline on the product itself, and the fact that I’ve noticed a change in product scent, I figured it’d be safest to chuck it rather than to risk an infection or breakout. Other than my blush breaking, I haven’t really made a dent in this product. I think this is partially because contouring is always the last extra step I do only if I have time, and also because when I first purchased it I had no idea what contouring was. I’m still no expert, but at least now I have a vague idea of what I’m doing! So that product was a fail, but I’m going to try and use other older bronzing and contouring products that I have.

It does genuinely feel like a waste of money, to see a product that I’ve owned for two years and am now throwing out with roughly 3/4 of the product still in its pan. Especially wasteful, when you consider that I have purchased other contouring palettes, bronzers, and contour/eyeshadow combo palettes AFTER having already purchased the Tarteist contour palette that I hadn’t even finished.

I also went through all of my old Sephora and Tarte orders to see when I purchased the majority of my products and palettes. Between the product expiration guidelines and just general googled expiration guidelines I wrote down expected expiration months on my products. I panicked a little when I realized just how many products would be “expiring” (I use the term expiring loosely, as I find some products go sour long before or long after expiration dates) within the next six months. I reorganized my makeup organizers to put the oldest products on the left and the newer ones on the right so I can try and utilize the older ones accordingly, even if they aren’t in my project pan.

In my boredom while sick I did a similar organization of my skincare hoard, and am attempting to narrow it down to a simpler routine and then replace products from my extras as needed.

Though a little embarrassing and definitely wasteful, this check-in definitely has discouraged me from purchasing any new makeup in the near future, which is ideal! My goal is to one day have a minimalist makeup collection free of excessive duplicates and clutter. I understand that for some things I’m always going to have duplicates. For example, my skin tone changes so quickly according to the season, so having 2-4 foundations to mix and match as my skin changes is needed. But multiple purple eyeshadow palettes? A dozen blushes? Half a dozen bronzers? Definitely excessive and not required. Breaking bad habits is difficult, but I’m getting there!

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