Tarte #seathechange campaign

If you follow Tarte Cosmetics on any social media platform you’ll have noticed that right now they are really hyping up their #seathechange PR campaign in which they offer suggestions as to how their customers can lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and feature their beach plastics cleanup in Florida. Their campaign focuses on recycling rather than garbaging plastics, and “saying no to plastics”, and ties in with their focus on their Rainforest of the Sea products.

Now, I really enjoy Tarte as a brand and I do not want to come off as bashing them in any way. I love their products, I really enjoy their social media spokespeople and their content, and I love that the ingredients for their products are sustainably harvested. They’re cruelty-free of course, and many of their products are now vegan too. All great steps for natural/green/environment-friendly beauty!

However, it feels a bit hypocritical to me that they are promoting “saying no to plastics” when none of their products come with refill options. Many brands like Kat Von D, Elate Cosmetics, and Anastasia Beverly Hills produce product refills that you can quickly snap into your palette when you run out instead of having to purchase a brand new palette. I would really like to see permanent refill options available on the tarte website. I feel that this would not be difficult, as many of their contour and blush palettes have the same circular format and pan size already. I don’t want to have to purchase a whole new palette and waste all of that needless packaging when my old palette is just fine and I just need a new pan of bronzer.

I’ve tweeted @tartecosmetics with their hashtag #seathechange and have voiced the need for product refills to reduce plastic packaging that is just going to end up in the ocean or a landfill when we’re done. I hope that you will think about bringing this to their attention as well! I think they are a great company and are more than capable of following through with this next step and practicing what they preach.

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