Project Pan April 2018: Check In #5


Here we go! What I’ve used up or given up on since my last check-in:

  1. Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo: This stuff is my favourite dry shampoo thus far! I even brought it to work for one of my coworkers to use one day, and she said she was going to switch over from Batiste to this. I just picked up a pricey Kevin Murphy dry shampoo from my hair stylist to replace it, so we will see how it compares! It’s a stellar price though.
  2. UD Naked 3 Palette: We all know from my last post that I have had to put my Naked 3 Palette out to pasture. I loved it to pieces, and now it’s time to chuck it.
  3. ABH Brow Definer: It took me FOREVER to use this up. Honestly, I’d rather just buy cheap brow products from the drugstore because I honestly can’t see the difference. The only potential reason I could see someone opting for a more expensive ABH option is if they couldn’t find their correct brow shade in the limited drugstore brow shade selections available.
  4. Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser Deluxe Sample: I really liked this cleanser. It is nice and cooling because of the peppermint in it, and it didn’t screw up my skin. Can’t really vouch for how much it actually controlled the oil on my skin, as I don’t really think anything properly can, but it didn’t enhance the oil at least.
  5. MasterPrime by FaceStudio Maybelline Primer: Oh my lord I don’t even think I fully used this up, but it is practically empty and I want to be rid of it. It’s not a horrible primer but it doesn’t blur or control redness AT ALL as promised.

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