No Makeup Resolution 2018: A Year Without Buying Makeup (AKA, an attempt at the near impossible)

I have made it a New Years’ Resolution to not buy any makeup (with a few, limited exceptions) in the entire year of 2018.

A lot of things have contributed to deciding upon this very intimidating goal. In the past few months I have realized how impossible it is to use up the astounding amount of makeup I have accumulated without it going bad. As well, lately I have been making some really stupid purchases and have been using really dumb excuses to justify them. For example, the other day I ordered not one, but two mini lipstick sets (so 12 mini lipsticks in total) from Besame because I had a $10 Sephora gift card from Honey. I already have 40+ lipsticks, and probably did not need 12 more. I justified it because I had the gift card, and had lost one of my favourite Besame lipsticks in 1930 Noir Red, and one of the sets had the Noir Red in it. Literally the dumbest reason in the word, but here I am $80 and 12 lipsticks later.

It feels unhealthy to be spending this much money impulsively on makeup, and simply cutting back doesn’t really seem to be changing my makeup spending habits. I’m running out of storage room, I’m occasionally overwhelmed by the choices I have when getting ready, and again, I’ll never be able to use it all up. Hence, no makeup purchases for 2018.

There are a few exceptions to this rule! I am allowed to purchase the following, but only if I am entirely out of them: liquid foundation, concealer, setting spray, primer, mascara, and grandelash lash enhancing serum. Even then, with the amount of those products that I already have, I may not even need to purchase those.

I think it could be helpful to quit cold turkey and see where it gets me. It’d be incredible to make it the entire year, but, even if I do fail, I’m still looking forward to seeing how long I can last.

In order to try and make this resolution stick, I’m doing a number of things. I’ve unfollowed almost all makeup brands on Instagram, I will be deleting the Sephora app, I may block Sephora on my web browser, and I will be removing my credit card information from my Sephora account. I’m hoping too that by sharing this on my blog, I will have to be held accountable for this goal, as I have told others about it. I want to put this money towards saving for future trips and adopting a cat, so I’m praying that that will motivate me to stay on track.

Do y’all have any makeup related resolutions for 2018? I’m curious to hear them!

3 Replies to “No Makeup Resolution 2018: A Year Without Buying Makeup (AKA, an attempt at the near impossible)”

  1. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. I don’t have the discipline to go cold turkey, but one of my resolutions will likely be to just wear makeup every single day in an effort to use some of it. Also maybe a Project Pan.

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