e.l.f. Oil Control Primer Mist

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.31.11 PM

I wanted to share this oily skin hack because it doesn’t cost half a month’s rent and it’s worked really well for me. Props to e.l.f. for stepping up their skincare and makeup game this past year or so! I’ve been buying more and more of their products as of late, and picked up this mist during their Black Friday sale.

There are a couple of different ways I’ve used it:

  1. After my sunscreen on days where I don’t want to wear makeup, but don’t want to feel self conscious about the amount of oil pooling on my face.
  2. As a primer on days where I don’t want to wear a whole lot of makeup, usually underneath a mineral powder.
  3. As a setting spray on both minimal and maximum makeup days.

It’s cheap, it works, it doesn’t dry out your skin, it doesn’t smell like chemical sludge, and it dries down nicely. The only downside is that it gives off a spray and not a mist, therefore making your face quite damp at first, but if you hold the bottle far enough away from your face you should be fine. 10/10 would recommend because honestly this works better than the $30-$50 setting sprays and priming sprays I’ve purchased from luxury brands! Save the extra $30 bucks and buy yourself a pizza.

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