Project Pan April 2018: Check In #7 and Stash Purge

Oh my god. Why did I pick this long of a time period for this project pan??? I’m making progress but I’m down to those really full products that I’m not sure I’ll ever finish in this Project Pan. But here we are!

Over the past three days I’ve done a massive decluttering as I unpack more boxes in my new apartment. A lot of what I got rid of was makeup I hadn’t bothered to unpack in the last three weeks, so clearly I wasn’t using it. I cut out thirteen eyeshadow palettes and gave them to coworkers and friends who had wanted them, and have not missed them one bit. I’m down to about nine or ten palettes, which is still a lot, but these are the palettes I use semi-regularly and have the most attachment too. I went through my lipsticks and gave some to my mom, and chucked a few others. I still have about forty plus a lipstick palette, but between my lipsticks and the other powder products I chucked, my shelf feels less claustrophobic at least. I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve wasted because I’ll probably vomit and pass out, but I’m glad my friends were hyped to try out some new things.


I chucked powders that were far too light for even my winter skin, old crusty products, and products I haven’t used since I purchased them. I chucked one of my PP April 2018 products, the Sephora brand bronzer, because at this point I never use it and it is disgustingly old, so why bother? I’m down to five PP products, which is exciting! For my next Project Pan I think I’ll do it in a shorter time period so I don’t get horrifically bored.

Did y’all make any makeup related new years resolutions or goals? How are they going?

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