Glycolics and Hormonal Acne Trial Run

A few folks from my PCOS FB support group were interested in more posts about my trials with products for hormonal acne, so if that’s what directed you here, hello! Happy to have you here!

I’ve had acne for the past decade, and it’s always been difficult to treat. It became even more difficult to treat when you threw in a lovely hormonal imbalance (from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) on top of all of the usual dietary, environmental, and stress-related triggers. Recently starting training to become a full-time skin laser technician has given me access to many different products and treatments to help with my acne, including the Celazome Gly-Trio.

The feature ingredient of the Gly-Trio is glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), and acts as a chemical exfoliant. The kit features a cleanser, a daily lotion, and repair cream. With these products it’s recommended that you start using them one day a week and gradually increase usage to three days a week, alternating every other day.

For myself, when I started using these I initially broke out. However I googled around and asked around, and apparently this is normal! They call it a “purge” phase, when all of the gunk, crud, and breakout material is first brought up to the surface. Week One was a breakout, Week Two was recovering from the breakout, but by Week Three I was noticing that my skin had really improved. I still had zits for sure, but they were fewer than before, and in the areas where I didn’t have breakouts my skin was significantly more smooth. By Week Four I wasn’t left with much of a breakout, and the mostly clear skin I had continued even after menstruating, which is when I typically have my worst breakouts. Here’s a few pictures of my skin after about a month of using glycolic products:

I look like I just got out of bed because I literally did–in the morning I typically answer snapchats from the night before, and when I opened up the app I was like “DAMN your skin has improved! What?! You need to document this!” Of course you can still see my wonderful accumulation of acne scarring and a bit of the usual redness around my brows, nostrils, and lips, but the majority of my breakouts cleared up.

My favourite product out of the trio is the Gly-Repair Cream because it’s a cream texture that actually feels pleasant on oily skin, and it’s a little fighter with salicylic acid, glycolic acid (10%), lactic acid, malic acid, and citric acid. I didn’t find that any of these product dried me out, but again, I have a substantial amount of oil, so that may be a contributing factor. My skin has been less oily since incorporating glycolic acid, which on its own makes it worth it for me.

I feel awful recommending these specific products, because Celazome is currently incredibly difficult to find. The Celazome plant in the southern United States was hit by a hurricane this past summer, and they have had to resanitize and rebuild, which is expected to take quite awhile. This means that all centres that carry it are unable to order new product, and that the products are not available online from the Celazome site. However, there are SO many other good products out there than contain glycolic acid if you are unable to find somewhere that still has Celazome in stock near you. I will be sure to mention different substitutions in the future as I need them and try them out!

Other contributing factors that may have played a small part (in my opinion) in clearing up my skin and making it feel good lately are drinking green tea (wicked anti-inflammatory properties and makes me feel less awful than coffee), drinking much more water, and taking my vitamins regularly. Right now I’m taking a multivitamin, Vitamin D, and Evening Primrose Oil. I’m not knowledgeable about supplements AT ALL, but I want to look more into evening primrose oil as it contains omega-6 and linoleic acid, which I’ve heard good things about here and there.

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