Smashed a highlighter to look like a sun goddess

Tonight has been one of those nights where I know I have a long list of things I ought to be getting done, but I feel so physically and emotionally wiped that I just know even if I attempt to do them, they won’t be done right and I’ll feel even more out of it. So, feeling inspired by all the Body Lava by Fenty hype, I decided to do a tiny arts and crafts session and smash a highlighter to make my own glowing concoction.

The Body Lava Luminizer, although divine, is so painfully expensive. CAD $69 just seems like too much to make my body shimmer, especially when it’s only warm here for about two months of the year and the rest of the year my body is covered up in layers of sweaters and winter despair. It’s a fun product though, and it reminds me of the Bath and Body Works glitter spray days of my youth (e.g., six years ago, LOL). So I decided to whip up my own shimmery body product.

I recently ordered the Herbivore Citrine Body Oil (CAD $46) and I’m in love! The smell is so sweet and summery, and it soaks into my skin and leaves it glowing and plump. I easily could have used any other oil I had kicking around (sweet almond, argan, etc.) but I have no idea where my bulk sized bottle of sweet almond oil ran off to, so this is what I used.


Secondly, I’ve had the Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen palette from Tarte for a few years, originally purchased because I swatched the Gator Wings highlight in Sephora with a few friends and we all freaked out over it. However, I never think to use this palette so that lovely little highlighter has just been sitting there, lonely and forlorn, not realizing any of its potential.

So I smashed that baby up, awkwardly deposited the fragments of highlighter into my Citrine bottle with a pair of tweezers, shook it up, and then repressed the highlighter with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

The results?
Glitter on my pajamas, makeup chair, hands, face, cat, everything. And a cute little bottle of shimmery body oil! My photography skills are not good enough to capture the shimmer via photo, but it left a subtle sparkle on my skin. Not Fenty level shimmer, but a gentle sparkle that with make my skin look like a sun goddess without making me look like a disco ball.


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