Sephora restock conspiracy theory

Is it just me, or does this seem to happen every single VIB sale?

There will be a hot ticket item or items, usually something that has just launched or has been popular on YouTube. They sell out of it pretty much as soon as the sale starts, and then as soon as the sale ends, it is magically restocked.

That’s what happened for me with the Becca Hydramist powder. Not even two and a half hours after the sale ended here, the item was suddenly restocked after having been out of stock since about the second day of the first VIB Rouge sale. Like you can’t tell me that they suddenly got the shipment of it in at 2am Monday morning and decided to update the website then. Even if they did, could they not have put it up as “restocked” on the website knowing that it would arrive in time to be shipped if people ordered it from the sale, especially considering they have posted the warning about delayed shipping?

I honestly believe that they time restocks of hot ticket items until just after the sale to prompt consumers to make another purchase after they’ve already made one or multiple purchases at the sale. I’m sure within the next few days I’ll see restocks of other popular items from Herbivore and Tatcha that were gushed about on YouTube prior to the sale.

Anyone else super frustrated by this always happening, regardless of whether or not it’s on purpose?

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