Lip colour challenge

Despite decluttering a handful of lip colours earlier in the year after I moved, I am still unfortunately hovering around the 55 count…yikes. I was going through and organizing my hoard this morning and found so many old favourites from my character actor tour guide days and from trips, and a bunch of minis and deluxe samples I’d hardly touched, so I decided I needed to find a way to use them all.

I’m going to challenge myself to pick a different lip colour each work day (weekends/days off I can wear whatever I want) and then build my makeup for that day around that shade. Each time I use one I’ll set it aside so I can’t repeat it by accident in the challenge. If I really hate the colour after a day of wearing it, I’ll just chuck it and save myself the clutter. I’m praying that by the end of this I’ll have found some new favourites and will also have cut my lipstick hoard almost in half. I’ll keep you posted on what I keep, what I throw out, and what I manage to do for each look!

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