Lay-Up Project Pan June 2018

Y’all, I have had a rough week and just need an easy win, an easy lay-up to get me feeling good and responsible and non-wasteful with my makeup usage. So I am doing perhaps the easiest two week project pan in the world: only three items that are practically empty. Yes.

The Becca First Light Priming Filter has been sitting on my makeup desk for nearly two years now. The Fenty Foundation I’ve had for about a year, and the Hourglass Mood Light has got to be coming up on two years soon as well. I’m excited to be rid of these babies, as I’ve got plenty of other foundations and primers to use, and other shades of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder I would love to utilize more as I find they’re slightly more flattering on my skin tone compared to Mood Light, even though I adore Mood Light.

I had a bit of a makeup binge online via Sephora the past week, which I am not feeling excellent about. I need to learn to just stop at one item or using up a gift card, but I always push it too far. To combat this, I have now deleted my credit card from my Sephora account and have stuck it in a Ziplock baggy inside of a Tupperware container filled with water in my freezer. With this, I pray that my own laziness and fatigue will protect me from another ill-fated splurge. I am thrilled about the products I have coming in the mail and can’t wait to use them and review them, but they shall be the last ones (the last ones purchased by me, at least) for quite some time.

Are you doing a Project Pan at the moment? A no-buy, low-buy? I’d love to hear the details. 🧡

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