NO BUY 2019: The end of sick day shopping

I’ve been sick with an awful flu bug since January 1, so sick that my doctor told me to stay off work for a week and do nothing but sleep so that I don’t spread the bug around to others and prolong how long I am sick for. As you can imagine it was great for the first few days to sleep all day and watch Netflix, but at this point I wish I were feeling better because I am bored out of my mind.

The urge to shop online has been a lot stronger since I got sick. I didn’t really put two and two together until now, but a lot of my outlandish spending from yesteryear took place online when I was at home sick. My immune system and stress management isn’t the greatest, so I’m sick pretty frequently during the winter months. When you’re bored and starved for some sort of stimulation or social interaction after staying home alone for days, online shopping easily filled that void. You’re getting that little happy buzz, and something delivered to your door to distract you from how poorly you feel. Without that distraction, I felt a little restless this time around. I kept flipping between Netflix shows, and mindlessly added Sephora items to my cart knowing that I could not and would not actually hit that checkout button.

After realizing this wasn’t helping, I tried to read a little bit, but ultimately ended up watching dupe videos for skincare. I figured if I couldn’t shop, I could try and research cheaper alternatives for my current skincare routine to purchase when I do actually run out of that item.

I haven’t caved yet and don’t plan on doing so, and I’m glad I made it over my first bump of the no buy! I’ve also got a lengthy list of skincare items to use as replacements when my current stash runs dry, and hopefully save a little cash in doing so.

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