NO BUY 2019: 70 days in

Southern Saskatchewan is in a deep freeze right now. It’s been -30 C or colder (much! colder!) for about six weeks now, and it is a depressing time of year for a number of reasons. Everyone I know (except me) seems to be off on a tropical vacation escaping the cold, I don’t want to leave my house because it is so damn cold, my normal aches and pains are aggravated aggressively by work stress and the cold itself, and I’m about ready to throw myself a selfish little pity party. I think this feeling of winter misery is something anyone in a colder northern climate can relate to. You just can’t escape the cold as it makes every day tasks like commuting to work or getting groceries infinitely more difficult and unpleasant. I swear, my car the other day made a noise like an injured tyrannosaurus rex when I tried to turn it on the morning of a -45 C day. I realize I’m being a huge whiny baby about this deep freeze, but I feel at least some of it is justified!

These self pity parties are super dangerous for budgets and no buys though, in my experience. What do you do when the cold outside can literally kill you in minutes, you’ve already eaten all of the good junk food in your house, and you’ve maxed out the new Netflix releases? Well, shop online of course! It’s frigid outside! You deserve a treat to cheer you up, don’t you? I find myself dangerously scrolling through the Sephora app and clothing store sites, loading up my cart, claiming I have no intention of purchasing it, but feeling oh so tempted to click that “check out” button and feel a little happy buzz amid this winter depression. The urge is so strong, even though there are no products that I genuinely need and definitely don’t have the money to pay for extravagances like a Foreo UFO or a whole slew of Charlotte Tilbury and Tatcha. I literally stopped myself and commented on a video by Allana Davison. It was a full face of Charlotte Tilbury video, and I said something along the lines of “If I wasn’t on a no buy year I probably would have logged onto Sephora and bought the majority of the products in this video!”. It’s terrifying how a low mood paired with even slightly triggering content and push you towards a shopping spree you definitely don’t need.

The main motivation for avoiding caving in is that I hope to visit my friend in Australia at the end of this year, and to go on a warm holiday at some point next winter, in addition to paying off the debt I’ve accumulated. Whenever I find myself browsing Sephora mindlessly I try to take a look at my makeup and skincare collection and remind myself of how long it will take to use it all up, and then divert my attention to Australia travel blogs or holiday Pinterest boards. I’m trying to set myself up financially so that I can afford to treat myself to experiences like travel, dinners out with friends, and concerts and other shows. Buying new makeup is great and exciting, but sitting at home with a vanity full of high end makeup and nowhere to wear it to isn’t a very full or vibrant life.

In moments of weakness I keep trying to redirect my attention to no buy youtubers and budgeting youtubers, to reiterate that I do not need to spend what I do not have to feel happy or to live a worthwhile life.

Has the winter SAD hit you? How are you doing at this point in your no buy, or at this point in the year in general?

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