My name is Andrea and I’m a 23 year old laser technician, receptionist, pet-parent, step-parent, makeup enthusiast, and indoor gardener. I currently call Saskatchewan home, but try to travel throughout Canada whenever I am able to!

I used to write A LOT. My love for reading and writing was what pushed me to pursue an Arts degree in English and to take Creative Writing courses throughout my degree. However with all of the pressure and academic competition that comes with any university program, I have found myself lately falling out of love with writing both academically and creatively. I’m hoping that with this casual little blog, a stress-free zone where I can write about my hobbies without deadlines, guidelines, or marking rubrics, that I will gradually come around to like writing again.

On my blog you’ll find an assortment of things: rambling posts about my pets, makeup reviews, what I’m learning and trying in skincare, travel snapshots and stories, and snippets of mental health talk and self-care. Thanks for reading! Take care.