Andrea Martineau is a poet, bibliophile, and phytomaniac with a penchant for writing about heritage buildings and their paranormal tenants. She left her hometown of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to complete her B.A. in English at the University of Regina. The Queen City is where she now resides with her family, her massive rescue cat, and her teenage Horsfield tortoise.

Having worked as a spa coordinator and supervisor at a Leading Spa of Canada for two years and in cosmetic laser and dermatology clinics as a laser technician, medical assistant, and clinic coordinator for two additional years, she has experienced the beauty industry from very different angles. After leaving the world of cosmetic dermatology for a job position more relevant to her Arts degree, Andrea now considers herself a beauty enthusiast. Many of her blog posts focus on Project Pan, ethical consumerism, honest reviews, skincare knowledge, dodging pseudoscience-skincare-propaganda, and navigating the beauty industry from a feminist perspective.