Hope for cacti!

This video has given me motivation to try growing cacti again! I have murdered SO many cacti, as this video has told me, due to overwatering. They usually rot from the inside out and suddenly deflate. I only have one or two cacti currently, but I’m going to try and respect their dormant period better this winter and avoid overwatering during the growing season.


Sprouts for Nugget!

I have recently started trying to grow food for my baby Horsfield tortoise, Nugget. Nugget is six months old and is a bit of a picky eater, but I’m trying to do my best to offer him a varied diet.

I ran into a few setbacks when going about starting a tortoise feed garden. First of all, I live in a small condo without a backyard, so everything I grow has to be able to survive in containers with limited light. Secondly, in all of my tortoise advice groups on Facebook, most of the sites they recommended for seeds for weeds, wildflowers, and other tortoise seed mixes were either from the UK or the US, and could not be shipped to Canada.

Eventually I came across Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds, and ordered a few bags of seeds that I had cleared as okay, moderate feeds for Nugget on thetortoisetable.org.uk.

I started with Curly Cress, just to see if I could actually grow the sprouts. I’m not really one to eat a lot of veggies and greens, so growing sprouts was entirely new to me. I didn’t really like the water-only method, so I bought some cheap, shallow trays from Dollarama and threw in a bit of veggie garden soil. So far, so good!


So far Nugget has yet to actually eat any sprouts, but I figure this is likely because he’s a picky eater used to Mazuri and grocery store veggies like baby romaine, kale, and spring mix. I planted the other trays yesterday, so fingers crossed that they grow as well as the curly cress has! Hopefully I can gradually introduce some more variety into his diet!