Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder and Ambient Lighting Palette

Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light is hands down my most used and most liked finishing powder. I almost didn’t order it, because it had so many poor reviews on Sephora at the time. However, after scrolling through pages of reviews and reading the product instructions, I came to the conclusion that the poor reviews were because people were using this product the wrong way.

The majority of people seemed to expect this product to behave like a highlight, like the Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting powders, when in reality it is just a finishing powder.

image_6483441 (4).JPG

As you can tell, I’ve used this a lot! It’s definitely not a glamorous shot of the product, but I absolutely hate seeing bloggers and influencers who claim they use a product every single day, despite the fact that their product looks entirely brand new and unused. Perhaps I’m paranoid, but I find it hard to trust their opinion if the product doesn’t look well-loved in their posts or videos.

With this powder I didn’t get as oily quite as quickly as I normally do, and it had a smoothing effect over the acne I used to have, more so in photographs.

Because I had hit pan, I ordered the Ambient Lighting Palette to eventually replace my individual Mood Light compact.

image_6483441 (2).JPG

I worried that the palette would be bulky in comparison to my other compact, and that it wouldn’t fit well in my purse, but I had nothing to worry about. Although it isn’t tiny, it definitely fits into most of my makeup bags easily.

From swatching it and wearing the bronze shade all day yesterday, the palette appears to be the same formula as the individual compacts. As someone with olive skin that changes in appearance drastically based on the seasons, I really like the variety of finishing powders you have at your disposal in a single palette.

image_6483441 (3)

image_6483441 (5)

Though pricey, I find that I use this product enough and that it has lasted me long enough to justify the higher price tag.


Axiology Lipstick

I first heard about Axiology in one of KathleenLights’ videos, and decided to check it out on Sephora. I am a bit of a lipstick…collector (although hoarder probably more closely describes it) but eventually I narrowed it down to one shade and placed my order.

I was looking for a cute, subtle shade that I could wear to work that wouldn’t be super noticeable if it wore off throughout my sweaty work day. I ordered Devotion, a copper with rose quartz satin shade.


It went on smoothly and lightly, and felt to me kind of like a heavy tinted lip balm. What I really enjoyed about this lipstick was the packaging; it clicks in and out like a pen. This makes it so that the lid won’t come off in your purse and utterly destroy your purse AND your lipstick, because the lipstick is entirely clicked into the lid.

devotion 2.jpg

devotion 3devotion 4.jpg

Another perk of this lipstick is that it is vegan, cruelty-free, and that the paper packaging the tube comes in is made out of recycled paper. Though I don’t maintain a vegan diet myself, it’s really important to me that all of my makeup be at least cruelty-free, and preferably vegan. I don’t (personally) have an issue with consuming animals for nutrition, but I don’t feel super comfortable harming animals or consuming animal products for the sake of my creativity and vanity.

Unfortunately, the price point is a bit terrifying, coming in at $39.00 CAD without taxes. Though I love Devotion, I likely won’t be ordering more lipsticks from them any time soon simply because of the price.

Besame Cosmetics Lipsticks

Besame Cosmetics is an absolutely stunning brand that mimics makeup of the past both in style and colour. Each lipstick shade represents a shade that was popular during the year it was named after (e.g. 1930 Noir Red, etc.) What I love about these lipsticks is that they’re just a solid, trustworthy lipstick. You know that the colour you purchase is going to show up on your face exactly as the tube itself looks. I particularly like the flat, square tip for application. You can use the pointed ends to line it, and the flat top to fill the lips in consistently.

image_6483441 (1).JPG

As you can see from this pic, I definitely need a mani, and my Besame lipsticks are definitely well loved! This particular shade is Carmine, one of my go-to’s.

Screenshot 2017-07-28 20.55.56

Another favourite is 1930 Noir Red. It’s a lush, plum red that I particularly enjoy for winter.


I fell in love with these lipsticks a little while after I’d stopped working as an actor/tour guide at The Tunnels of Moose Jaw. The first summer that I worked there I had absolutely loved dressing up and dolling up as a flapper and travelling time while leading tours for the day. When I saw Besame lipsticks featured in a video on Facebook, I was instantly hit with this nostalgic pang both for the retro-styled makeup and for the lipsticks that reminded me of my flapper job. If my bank account was limitless, I’d own every single one of them to be honest!


Sprouts for Nugget!

I have recently started trying to grow food for my baby Horsfield tortoise, Nugget. Nugget is six months old and is a bit of a picky eater, but I’m trying to do my best to offer him a varied diet.

I ran into a few setbacks when going about starting a tortoise feed garden. First of all, I live in a small condo without a backyard, so everything I grow has to be able to survive in containers with limited light. Secondly, in all of my tortoise advice groups on Facebook, most of the sites they recommended for seeds for weeds, wildflowers, and other tortoise seed mixes were either from the UK or the US, and could not be shipped to Canada.

Eventually I came across Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds, and ordered a few bags of seeds that I had cleared as okay, moderate feeds for Nugget on thetortoisetable.org.uk.

I started with Curly Cress, just to see if I could actually grow the sprouts. I’m not really one to eat a lot of veggies and greens, so growing sprouts was entirely new to me. I didn’t really like the water-only method, so I bought some cheap, shallow trays from Dollarama and threw in a bit of veggie garden soil. So far, so good!


So far Nugget has yet to actually eat any sprouts, but I figure this is likely because he’s a picky eater used to Mazuri and grocery store veggies like baby romaine, kale, and spring mix. I planted the other trays yesterday, so fingers crossed that they grow as well as the curly cress has! Hopefully I can gradually introduce some more variety into his diet!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

I was so hyped up for this lip palette as soon as I had found out ABH had created it. For the longest time it wasn’t available at Canadian Sephora, so when I got the notification that I could order it, I jumped on it immediately.


I have a really mixed relationship with this palette. Though it is of a lovely quality, and includes everything you need to mix up shades (a little scraper with a lip brush on the other end, and a mixing plate) it’s not very practical for the average person. The colours last long, for sure, but if you need to reapply at some point throughout the day you’re pretty much screwed. My purse is already so filled with crap that fitting an entire palette into it isn’t ideal. However, I can’t even really hate the palette for this, as I know it was intended more so for MUAs.

As you can see from the palette I’ve dipped into most of the shades, but would like to try out the nudes a bit more. It’s nice because even if you aren’t a super creative person and you don’t really want to mix colours, there’s still over a dozen shades that can easily be worn on their own.

A cool tip I discovered on ABH’s facebook page is that the palette can be used as eye liner as well! Of course, it’s not as smudge proof as a liquid liner, but it has a similar consistency to a gel liner. I hate buying gel liners, or eye liners in general, because I don’t use them often enough, they’re expensive, and they always dry up on me. But here I have every eyeliner colour imaginable at my disposal!


I’d love to figure out some kind of system to take my mixes on the go, but haven’t yet quite found a container/brush system that works for me. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! Until then, my smaller ELF palettes will be my go-to lip colour palettes that I chuck into my purse.

Chrissy Teigen X Becca

I think Chrissy Teigen’s palette has become one of my favourites because it is the most wearable palette I’ve ever encountered.

For myself, I found it a really great fit for my olive skin, especially once I got a bit of a summer tan. It’s definitely more suited for medium skin types! It comes with two highlighters, one bronzer, and a blush. The highlighters and bronzer easily double as eye shadows, and the large mirror and natural shades make it really great for travel.


I used both highlighters and the bronzer for my eyeshadow, contoured and bronzed with the bronzer, dabbled some blush on my cheeks, and layered some of the Beach Nectar highlighter shade on top of my Nyx liquid lipstick.

If you are going to fork out cash for more expensive makeup, I think (depending on your skin tone), this palette is a pretty safe bet. The packaging is gorgeous, everything in the palette has a dual purpose, and like most of Becca’s products it is of great quality.

My favourite video for this palette is one I’ve found by Desi Perkins.¬†Though the tutorial is for acneic skin, which I have but others may not, I think her tip of applying the bronzer and darker Rose Gold highlighter across the bridge of the nose and where the light naturally hits the cheeks was absolutely divine for a summer face look.

Welcome to my blog!


I created this blog because previously I was on tumblr, but I didn’t really like the layout and system of the site anymore. Though I loved tumblr in high school, it didn’t really seem to suit my needs anymore. I’m really excited to have an online space again where I can write down my thoughts, and potentially interact with others who share the same interests!

The main things I’ll be blogging about are my tortoise, Nugget, makeup, books, and occasionally about travel, mental health, and other life stuff that pops up.

I recently adopted a Horsfield/Russian tortoise a few months ago, and having never owned reptiles previously, it’s been an extreme learning curve! I’m hoping I can talk about the process for others who are looking to get a tortoise, as there’s not a lot of information available outside of Facebook tortoise enthusiast groups.

I love makeup, and don’t have any professional training in it, but it’s my goal one day to become a certified makeup artist once I’m done my current university degree and have the time and money to go back to school. I love talking about makeup and with how sponsored-content-heavy Youtube has become (with many exceptions, of course!) I’m excited to talk about makeup in a non-sponsored environment. I’ll probably post reviews, talk about what I’ve learned about products, and maybe post some looks that turn out okay.

As an English major, I love books, and do a lot of non-fiction reading as well when it comes to gardening and psychology. I’m not really into book reviews but I’m excited to have a place to just gush, fangirl, and complain about books.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to get writing.