Sustainability: Reusable Cotton Rounds for Skincare

Skincare creates a lot of unnecessary waste, let’s be honest. I’ve been feeling overwhelmingly guilty and stressed out by my environmental footprint as of late, especially when it comes to hobbies like skincare and makeup. I’ve been looking for ways to reduce my waste in my daily routine, and noticed that I go through a lot of cotton rounds, anywhere from 1-4 a day, for my skincare and nail care routines.

I started searching my Facebook skincare groups for a solution, and noticed that a lot of folks use reusable cotton rounds made out of fabric. Simply use, wash, and use and use and use and use and use until they wither away to nothing. I started looking on @etsy for an option to purchase, as my sewing skills are abysmal and I don’t even own a sewing machine right now. Fortunately I found Katherine’s page @farmgirldesign.nb , a fellow Canadian who could ship everything for only $3 to Saskatchewan! I purchased two sets of 16 rounds, plus a mesh bag to wash them in do they don’t get lost in my machine. I picked out a fun floral print, as well as a plain black set, thinking that I can use the black ones for things like removing nail polish that may stain. —
Yes, this does initially cost more than my usual $1-2 for a pack of Joe Fresh cotton rounds, but over time I believe it will equal out, if not be more affordable, depending on how well I take care of these and how long they last. Considering I was spending about $12-17 a year for disposable cotton rounds, one pack will have paid for itself in just one year of use. I was also pleased to discover that @etsy takes measures to offset the pollution created from shipping items! Another plus in my books. —
I just fished these out of the mailbox so I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet, but I will keep you posted! I’m hoping to gradually switch out more and more of my disposable household items for longterm, reusable items, as my budget allows. 😊🌱 I plan on storing the clean rounds in an cute plastic @amika hair mask container that I’m repurposing, and keep the dirty ones in the mesh bag in my bathroom until ready to wash.