Canmore and Banff, Alberta

My family, boyfriend and I zipped up to the Rockies for a few days. Today we kayaked along the Bow River just on the edge of the town of Banff.

It was a strange afternoon with speckled sunlight and light, lazy rain that slowly turned into wind and horizontal rain, but regardless of the weather the views were lovely. 

My family and I are by no means experienced kayakers, but we do try and go kayaking on each holiday we take. My boyfriend however hadn’t been in a kayak for over a decade, so it made maneuvering our two-person kayak a little…interesting at times! We definitely ended up drenched in glacier-cold water but managed to get a good little trip and workout in.

(To get this panorama it took six tries and me screaming “No one paddle past us! You’re going to eff it up!!”. My boyfriend nearly tipped the kayak and we floated into a dead, fallen tree.)

Tomorrow we are off to the spa for a bit of a celebration, and then to Johnston Canyon Falls for a short hike!