Review: Glo Skin Beauty Flat Top Kabuki Brush

I am so disappointed that this Glo Skin Beauty flat top kabuki brush is already falling apart! I’ve had it for less than a year, and went through such a hassle to get it. I had told the person ordering the brush the name of the brush. She says, “Don’t you mean this brush?” and shows me a brush with a similiar name that is not the brush I want. I say no, this brush. I write down the name, spell it out, give her the number. She still shows me the wrong brush. I go and get the tester brush, bring it to her, visually show her, and she says, “Ohhh, okay, got it!”. When the brush arrives, it’s the wrong brush. I finally get it swapped out for the right brush.

I’ve used the brush for several months and have loved it for foundation application. Lovely soft bristles that blend like a dream! But when I was cleaning my brushes last night everything kind of came unglued and started sliding around and shedding like mad. I was surprised because I’ve washed my brushes the same way for years. I have Eco-Tools brushes (that I paid WAY less for) that I’ve literally had since highschool that still look like new and haven’t fallen apart, so I don’t think I’m being overly aggressive with my brush cleaning. I ended up chucking this because there was no way to use it without getting hair stuck in my foundation. It is disappointing, but there’s not much you can do! I’ll be sticking with my good old cheap Eco Tools from now on.

EMPTIES: Glo Skin Beauty Oil Control Emulsion and Physicians’ Formula Killer Curves Mascara

Recreating the goldfish cracker meme but with empty products and this is the look I got 😂 In all honesty I’m mad because my cat’s hair is the softest thing in the world, and no matter how many bougie hair masks I use mine will simply never compare.


@physiciansformula Killer Curves Mascara: A bit clumpy when you first start using it, but what mascara isn’t? I think this made my lashes look quite nice and I have no complaints! I liked the metallic packaging because it’s easy to find on my dark dresser counter when I’m doing my makeup while visually impaired in the mornings.

@gloskinbeauty Oil Control Emulsion: A very light-weight, hydrating product perfect for excessively oily skin. It did mattify me a little in the mornings and gave me a bit of hydration. I liked to use this during the day when I wanted to be a little less shiny, and then used heavier hydrators and moisturizers at night when I don’t give a damn what I look like. 60mL lasted me quite a long time, and I would use again.

Finished Five: My Impression of First Impressions, Glo-Minerals, Saje, ZO by Zein Obagi, Hylamide, and Kat Von D, and questionable ethics of skincare companies

I want to give a genuine opinion of a product once I know how it works on my skin type through and through, and that is why I’ve started waiting until I entirely finish a product before discussing it. Of course this doesn’t work for items like eyeshadow palettes or powder bronzers, because I don’t think I know anyone who has ever entirely hit pan on every single shade in an eyeshadow palette, but for just about everything else, it does. Particularly for items like skincare and foundation, it’s really essential to see how the product performs over time, especially when you’ve got oily, acne-prone skin like mine.

I understand that many bloggers and Youtubers like to do “First Impressions” because it lets their viewers and readers know that they’ve purchased a product and will be testing it out further, and also because it is easy and quick content to throw out there. I used to watch First Impressions videos back when they first became popular, but I never really understood the purpose of them. Having someone use a product once, or not even use it, but just swatch it, does nothing for me. I can do that online or in a store by simply looking at a product or poking it. If I really want an influencer’s opinion I want a hearty, meaty review. I want them to have used the product for weeks and know all of its strong-sides and weaknesses, I want them to know exactly how to utilize the product, I want wear-tests with different primers, I want before and afters when applicable. I want, well, actual content and an actual review. So while I understand why folks do create “First Impressions” content and can’t really blame them for doing so, First Impressions are of no use to me, so I will continue to review fully-finished and mostly-finished products when possible from here on out.

For myself as well, I’ve found that only reviewing (most) products after fully finishing them has been good for my own product consumption and my skin. If I know I can’t post a review until a product is fully finished, I’m more likely to focus in on that cleanser or toner or foundation and use it consistently until it is all gone. This is way better for my skin than jumping from product to product within a week, and confusing and stressing my skin. I still have a slightly excessive collection of skincare, but in using up products one at a time I’ve been able to rein in this hoard a fair bit.

Finally, here are my most recent Finished Five!

Recap of my skin type:
-Olive, oily, hormonal acne-prone (PCOS), mid-20’s
-White heads and blackheads, rarely have cystic acne
-Redness in T-zone
-Dry hands and legs

  1. Name: Saje carrot nourishing mango & shea body butter
    Price: CAD $24.95
    Size: 200mL/6.8 fl oz
    Cruelty-Free and “Natural”

    The carrot and patchouli scent of this product seems strange at first, but it changes once applied to the body and ends up smelling really great. I always seem to get compliments on how I smell when I wear this! It’s super thick, hydrating, and isn’t irritating unless you’re applying it over razor burn. I LOVE the product itself (and a decent portion of Saje’s other products as well), but I’ve got beef with the packaging of this product. You’ll notice in the picture above that my lid (shiny brown in colour) is different than the matte black lid displayed on the website. This is not only because Saje finally revamped the packaging of their body line (Great move, imo!), but because the original shiny lids were actually cutting people’s hands. I can vouch for this, as I got a lovely cut right along my palm from opening this, even though I knew about the dangers of the lid as I worked at a Saje at the time. I’m happy that Saje would give refunds for people who had been cut by the lid with no questions asked, but very unhappy that they continued to sell this product that was literally slicing open people’s palms instead of recalling it. Even after receiving the new, re-branded carrot body butters, stores were still told to sell through the old ones first. Not impressed by that! If you do decide to purchase this product make sure you go in-store and pick up one with the matte-black lid. I doubt that many stores still have the shiny-lidded versions in stock as it has been a few months since the rebranded products appeared online, but just in case, avoid the shiny-lidded ones at all costs.
    Will I repurchase? I’ve purchased two of these in the past, but there are other body moisturizers out there, and I’m on the fence about whether or not I will continue to purchase from Saje as I’m a little rattled by the company’s ethics and how they treat their employees (pressure to maintain a specific diet when working in the store, company culture tools and products that appropriate other cultures, etc.) Saje does a lot of great things, but in my my mind I’m grappling over whether or not these good things outweigh the bad things, for myself personally.
  2. Name: Deciem Hyladmide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner Balancing Face Cleaner and Makeup Remover
    Price: CAD $21.00
    Size: 120mL/4 fl oz
    This is about the fourth or fifth bottle of this cleanser I’ve gone through. It’s a strange gel consistency that gets somewhat milky as you lather it up, and it leaves a slight residue after you wash it off. I found with this cleanser that it didn’t strip my skin, and the residue can easily be wiped off with a towel. It’s an excellent makeup remover and can be used on eye makeup as well. HOWEVER, I do not support Brandon Truaxe (founder of Deciem) and what he has been publicly doing on Deciem’s Instagram accounts these past few months. I don’t want to go into detail about it here as I am not the best authority on this situation, but Truaxe fired a number of important members of the Deciem team who genuinely loved the company and were doing incredible things for the company and its social media. Truaxe then took over their Instagram account and has been posting painfully transparent and often aggressive content. Not only has he been tastelessly roasting customers in the comments section (which I am fine with regular people joking around and clapping back when people target them, but not with brand’s attacking their consumers, as it is unprofessional imo) but he has posted Anti-Semitic jokes and other harmful comments. I ethically do not feel okay supporting Deciem and its umbrella of brands (The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide, etc.) anymore. I’m not okay with Anti-Semitism, targeting customers, or taking over a company Instagram for your own personal, unprofessional joyride. This is unfortunate, because The Ordinary produces many affordable, incredible skincare products that are widely recommended in online skincare communities. I just don’t feel comfortable supporting Brandon Truaxe anymore though, and will not be repurchasing any products from Deciem as I use them up. We as consumers have the power to voice our concerns of ethics and what sort of behaviour we endorse with how and where we spend our money, and I think it is ever-so-incredibly important to remember that and practice that when we are able to.
    Will I repurchase? No.
  3. Name: Glo Minerals Pressed Base in Beige Dark
    Price: CAD $63.00
    Size: 9.9g/0.35 oz
    I have so much love for this pressed base. It’s the only powder foundation since high school that I’ve actually entirely hit pan on. It feels great, you can build it up to be foundation on its own or use it on your oily spots after liquid foundation. It just looks really smooth. If there is one thing you ever buy from Glo, buy the pressed base! It works well on my oily skin but also works well on the dry clients at my workplace.
    Will I repurchase? I already have! But in a shade more suitable for summer.
  4. Name: Zo Skin Health by Zein Obagi Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30
    Price: CAD $75.00
    Cruelty-Free (non-prescription ZO products are not tested on animals, apparently!)
    Size: 30mL/1 fl oz.
    Honestly it’s not a bad primer! While it’s not super mattifying or pore filling, it does a good job as a general primer and I like the added SPF 30 aspect (but keep in mind you would need to apply some sort of sunscreen over your makeup every 90 minutes after initial application to keep your skin genuinely protected). The one I used was not full-sized as it came in one of their older kits, it was half sized (15mL). The packaging is really sleek, especially with how the pump pops up when you twist the cap. However, the way the pump is positioned in relation to the cap makes getting product out a little difficult closer to the end. The product itself isn’t clear, it does appear to have a bit of a tint, but this tint did not show up on my olive toned skin. Overall I think the product is great, but the packaging could use a bit of improvement.
    Would I repurchase? At the moment I have a lot of other primer and sunscreen options I’d like to use up, but I could definitely see myself using this again in the future.
  5. Name: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II
    Price: CAD $24.00
    Size: 6.6mL/0.22 oz
    Cruelty-Free and Vegan
    I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. They’re not the most drying as liquid lipsticks come, but they are still a liquid lipstick at the end of the day and are still a fair bit drying. Lolita II is a lovely little terra cotta nude, and this was a favourite summer work shade for me for awhile. I only had a travel sized one (about half of the full size) and despite using it several times a week for a number of months I was not able to use it all up before it expired. If you do want this, I recommend getting the smaller Lolita duo rather than the full-sized full-priced Lolita II.
    Would I repurchase again? I’m not really feeling liquid lipsticks as of late, but I may eventually purchase it in lipstick bullet form when I reduce my lipstick hoard a bit.

Thanks for reading through this lengthier than normal Finished Five! Have you finished any products lately that you genuinely love or despise? I’m curious to hear what everyone is using.

Finished Five: OleHenriksen, TooFaced Melted Matte, Atelier Cologne, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Concealer, Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream


  1. Name: Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub
    Price: CAD $34.00
    Size: 3 oz. 
    Cruelty-Free and Vegan
    For the longest time I loved this scrub. This is my second tube that I’ve used up, and I just love the satisfying feeling of scrubbing the heck out of my face. However, the more I look into exfoliating the more I realize that I’m probably doing a fair bit of damage with this physical scrub, as the walnut chunks vary in size and shape and may be causing micro-tears in my skin. However, if you really like physical scrubs, the smell of this is divine!
  2. Name: Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte in Queen B
    Price: $CAD 25.00
    Size: 0.4 oz/11.8mL
    Like any liquid lipstick out there, this one is a smidge drying, although nothing unbearable. This liquid lipstick will last all day no matter what the weather. I wore this formula for 14+ hours at Osheaga the week I purchased it, in hot, humid, sweaty conditions, and it still looked half decent by the end of the evening. This particular shade is a perfect, soft mauve, and I wore this to work nearly every day Summer 2015. I didn’t quite finish this tube, but after nearly three years (24 months past the suggested expiration period) the smell had changed and I figured I better toss it for sanitary reasons.
  3. Name: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Concealer in Light-Medium Neutral
    Price: $31.00
    Size: 0.34 oz/10mL
    This concealer is a very light, thin, liquidy formula. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it. It got the job done, although isn’t really ideal for oily skin. Medium coverage, felt light on my under eyes, didn’t break me out, and lasted about a year.
  4. Name: Atelier Cologne Clementine California Cologne Absolue
    Price: CAD $32.00 to CAD $225.00
    Size: Varies
    I received this scent as a deluxe sample and loved it so much that I ordered the actual product, and selected it as another sample when I ordered the full-sized product. It’s light and citrusy, and immediately reminds me of summertime, which is nice when you’re stuck in the midst of a miserable Saskatchewan winter. I’m a fan of each of Atelier Cologne’s scents, and have been hoarding their deluxe samples for years.
  5. Name: Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
    Price: CAD $49.00
    Size: 0.47 oz/14.50mL
    Keeping in mind that I am a 23-year-old with minimal “anti-aging” eye area concerns, I really enjoyed this eye cream. It’s like rubbing a fluffy little baby cloud underneath your eyeballs, I swear to god. It kept my under eyes soft, happy, and hydrated, and that’s all I could ask for. Skyn Iceland’s tagline is “Solutions for Stressed Skin”, and I think that their products would be great for those living in Saskatchewan-esque climate as it seems really similar to Iceland’s climate from what I’ve read. We both have very harsh, drying winters in which maintaining hydrated, non-irritated skin is very difficult. I ordered a few more products from Skyn Iceland during the Sephora VIB sale and I’m looking forward to testing them out!

The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation

It is pretty much on my bucket list to try out everything that Deciem and The Ordinary make because I have had such great results with their skincare. Deciem is the Canadian, cruelty-free parent company to a number of different lines, The Ordinary being just one of nearly a dozen. The Ordinary one of their more affordable skin care lines, and the line also offers a few different foundation options.



I finally ordered their serum foundation in the shades 1.2 N and 2.0 N for $6.70 CAD each. The bottles seem small in comparison to other foundation bottles, but actually hold 30mL, very similar to Fenty Beauty Foundation that comes in 32mL, and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea that is 30mL as well. It’s crazy how packaging can be manipulated to make it seem as if there is more or less product in a bottle! That’s been a big lesson for me this past year, to always look at the mL/g of a product instead of just eyeballing the container and guessing how much product I’m getting for my dollar.


I did my usual skin care routine and then applied the Becca First Light Priming Filter. I applied the serum foundation in 2.0 N by dabbing some on my face with my fingers, and then blending it out with a beauty blender, and used my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea water concealer on my forehead, nose, and chin. I finished it off with my Physician’s Formula CC powder, highlighter, bronzer, and blush. I didn’t use setting spray so that I could see how fast it would break up on my T-zone.


The foundation itself, true to its name, has a very thin, watery, serum-like consistency. The plus side to this is that it feels lovely and light, and didn’t feel drying. Of course, I do have very oily combination skin, so it may be a little different for someone with dry skin. It offered sheer to medium coverage, and I found I could layer it up a bit in areas that I needed it. It didn’t fully cover up my acne or redness, but it covered it pretty well and made my skin appear smoother than it actually is.

I put it on at 4:40pm before my evening class, and after about four hours I did notice it starting to break up where I had applied concealer. This is likely partially because of the foundation itself, partially because of my highly oily t-zone, and partially because of the concealer I used. I would personally contribute it largely to the concealer, as it didn’t break up much on my inner cheeks near my nose where I normally get very oily as well, but I did not apply concealer there. I think I could definitely extend the wear time longer if I used a good setting spray and ditched my Tarte concealer.

For me personally, the comfortable feel and the low price point of this foundation makes up for the fact that it isn’t the most invincible when it comes to wear tests. I find that most foundations that do last 6+ hours on my super oily skin are irritating, drying, and uncomfortable to wear, so I’m willing to sacrifice flawless wear time for my comfort and sanity. Though it can’t compete with say Fenty’s shade range, it does offer 21 shades ranging from 1.0 to 3.3, which I thought was pretty decent considering The Ordinary doesn’t offer many makeup products to begin with (yet!). Though they do offer decent options for the lighter side of the spectrum, they definitely need to improve on their shade availability for POC.  Overall, as a broke university student I think this is a decent foundation, especially as someone who goes through about 3-5 different shades as the seasons change, and I’d definitely repurchase. I’m curious to see what their full coverage foundation is like as well!

The last thing you need or want: another Fenty Beauty review

First things first, I broke my no-buy. Technically, I was running low on foundation, but I really didn’t need to purchase highlighter or lipgloss. This isn’t good, but I shall continue on as best as I can with my no-buy.

I really want to congratulate Rihanna and the folks at Fenty Beauty for creating one of the most inclusive mainstream beauty lines we have seen in awhile. Everyone from those with albino skin  to those with very deep skin are finding perfect foundation matches with Fenty Beauty, some for the first time in their life! I’m really hoping the hype and accolades that this foundation line has received will push other makeup big wigs to broaden their foundation lines and quit with this 5-shade or 12-shade mostly-white nonsense.

To find my foundation shade I just eyeballed the pictures on the Fenty Beauty website and Sephora, and watched a few different Youtube videos to kind of gauge where my skintone would fall. I ordered 220 and it’s a pretty darn close match for my summer-tanned-olive skin.


This isn’t the best picture to show it, but I thought that this was a decent compromise between my really tanned face, shoulders, and arms, and my very pale neck. If you use a wet beauty blender you get more of a barely there dewy look, but if you use a foundation brush as is recommended by the brand, then you can definitely get medium to full coverage. It’s a nice matte, and doesn’t feel very heavy. I don’t have a ton of experience with different foundations but it was similar in weight to the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea water foundation, but with much more coverage. Again, it’s best to use a foundation brush as the Fenty foundation is also a water foundation and a beauty blender will soak most of it up. I wore this foundation without primer for over eight hours and only noticed deterioration on the middle of my forehead where I hadn’t used as much product. From all that I’ve read, watched, and experienced, this foundation is great for combination to oily skin and for those who live in humid climates, but probably not the best for those who experience dryness. Be aware of oxidization as well, as that has been a common complaint.

I purchased the Killwatt duo in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule. Very soft, very gorgeous. Very similar in quality to Anastasia Beverly Hills and Becca highlighters!


To give you an idea of how the shades look next to other copper tones, I compared the duo to some Becca and Tarte products. The top two are Fenty’s Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule, and the bottom two are Becca Luminous Blush in Blushed Copper and Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eye and Cheek palette in Wings. The top two are more rosy, whereas the bottom two are more orange and brown based. Depending on your skin tone I think the duo is great as a highlighter or blush/blush topper.

As for the lipgloss, all that I’ll say is that normally I don’t wear lipgloss, but I really don’t mind this one. It’s a very flattering shade on everyone I’ve seen it on, the glitter isn’t too in your face, and it’s not too obnoxiously pink!

The packaging for everything is gorgeous, but you already know that from every single social media outlet over the past week! I appreciate that although it’s not drugstore priced, it’s not painfully expensive, and that the brand has tried to be as inclusive as possible with its shade selections. I’m still lusting after Trophy Wife, but it is so close to a Becca highlighter that I have, that I really don’t think I can justify buying it. So, on the Christmas wishlist it goes!

Deck of Scarlet no. 3

This summer my friends and coworkers have gotten me into a lot of different makeup subscriptions, and I’ve been trying them all out so that I can narrow the number down once the school year hits and I’m on a tighter budget. I’ve been meaning to do a big pros and cons comparison post of them all, but I dug into my Deck of Scarlet palette today and wanted to review it on its own as well.

Deck of Scarlet is a subscription that nobody I know has really heard of. Even my makeup collecting coworker who is subscribed to every subscription service under the sun had never heard of it! It popped up on my Facebook feed one day as a sponsored post and it looked promising, so I clicked on through.

Essentially, DoS sends you a makeup palette plus a full sized pencil item of sorts every two months. Each palette has a different YouTube beauty guru as Artist-in-Chief who picks and names the shades in the palette. It includes three eyeshadows, two face options (either blush, highlighter, and/or bronzer), two creamy lip shades, and then the pencil product (liquid eyeliner, pencil liner, or lip liner, etc). You get to preview the palette and have the option of skipping it at no cost if the shades don’t suit you.

No. 3, the first one I’ve received, looks something like this:

It has separate magnetic flaps for the powder and cream sections, which is great for reducing the amount of fallout that gets stuck in creams and stops the creams from drying out as quickly. The packaging is very compact and I was glad that it included a decent quality and decent sized mirror.

As for the makeup itself, I wouldn’t say it’s high end, but it definitely would be great quality drug store makeup or cheaper high end if sold separately. The powders are soft and blend well, and you can build up good pigment. You get the most colour payoff with your fingers of course, but I used brushes and didn’t have any problems either.

I gave this makeup a really good test run today! Before are pics I took right after doing my makeup. My eyeliner is ridiculously uneven because A) I need to practice more with liquid liner and B) my sinuses felt like they were going to explode out of my head. But that’s okay!

With this makeup I had watery eyes because of my sinus pain at times, eye drops leaking everywhere because of the eye dryness that accompanies my migraines typically, tons of sweat from the hot weather, and about an hour of being splashed and submerged in a chlorinated pool while spending time with my partner and my step-kiddo. I didn’t think it would hold up well, but it did!

Some of the eyeliner had cracked off from where I had rubbed my eyes (oops) but the majority of it stayed put with pretty much no smudging. I was genuinely surprised and impressed by the eyeliner to be quite honest.

The lip products had a very similar consistency and look to ELF’s lip palette products, but DoS’s were a little bit thicker.

Coming in at about $35.00 CAD every two months for this subscription, it’s a decent amount of makeup you get for the price. It’s nice that you can’t get this palette anywhere else, and it is really beginner friendly. It’s not an overwhelming colour selection, but it gives you enough makeup to create multiple entire looks. As well, there are always YouTube tutorials that accompany the palette and teach you how to use it. The format stays the same each month so you know what you’re going to get, and the “deck” format is nice for those who like to collect. I can’t say for sure which subscriptions I’m going to end up cancelling, but right now I’m leaning more towards keeping this one as long as I can.

Edit/update: I just tried to remove my makeup, wash my face, and shower before bed. Normally I use an oil cleanser from Tatcha to remove my makeup and eye makeup, so I used that before my shower, and the eyeliner still. Did not. Budge. Damn!