Project Pan April 2018: Check In #4

I’ve decided to retire my beautiful, my old faithful, my Naked 3 palette. IMG_3191

I absolutely adore this palette! It’s the first non-drugstore palette that I ever bought, and I used it so much during my early years of university. It got me hooked on makeup and I felt more confident the more I used this palette. But, I’ve had it since my second year of university, and now I am in my fifth, and it is showing its age. Limit was so hard that I couldn’t get much out of it without scraping, so I pulled it out and chucked it. As I’ve been using it more often for my Project Pan I’ve noticed that it’s gotten harder to blend and work with, it’s not as soft, and although the smell isn’t bad, it smells slightly chemically now and doesn’t compare to my other newer Naked palettes in scent, texture, and pigment. I’ll probably still hold onto this palette for awhile just because of the sentimental attachment I have to it, but it will eventually have to get chucked.

I used up the majority of Dust, and decent portions of Strange, Burnout, Buzz, Nooner, Factory, and Blackheart, but there still is so much remaining, even after 3-4 years of use. For me it’s another reminder that the average person really does not need that much eyeshadow. I recently did an inventory of my makeup and counted 17 eyeshadow palettes. SEVENTEEN. I will literally never be able to use them all up before they go bad. I want to kick myself for buying so many eyeshadow palettes to be quite honest, and for subscribing to subscription boxes and getting even more eyeshadow palettes. I know I sound like a broken record at this point. But, at least, I know more about how much I actually consume now and can make better choices when it comes to buying makeup in the future! You live and you learn, I suppose.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 12.00.17 AM.png

(Picture from because I cannot take a non-reflective picture to save my life, apparently.)

For the sake of this Project Pan I’ve decided to swap in my Tarte Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen palette. It’s a delightfully soft palette with some of my favourite shimmers, and I have hardly used this thing since I bought it about two years ago. I thought about swapping in Naked Smokey as it is one of my older palettes as well, but I figured it’d be smarter to pick something a little bit lighter that I can wear to work every day if I want. There’s not even a dent in any of the shadows, so it would be wicked if I could make a few dents and hit pan on at least one shade in the next four or five months!

Tarte #seathechange campaign

If you follow Tarte Cosmetics on any social media platform you’ll have noticed that right now they are really hyping up their #seathechange PR campaign in which they offer suggestions as to how their customers can lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and feature their beach plastics cleanup in Florida. Their campaign focuses on recycling rather than garbaging plastics, and “saying no to plastics”, and ties in with their focus on their Rainforest of the Sea products.

Now, I really enjoy Tarte as a brand and I do not want to come off as bashing them in any way. I love their products, I really enjoy their social media spokespeople and their content, and I love that the ingredients for their products are sustainably harvested. They’re cruelty-free of course, and many of their products are now vegan too. All great steps for natural/green/environment-friendly beauty!

However, it feels a bit hypocritical to me that they are promoting “saying no to plastics” when none of their products come with refill options. Many brands like Kat Von D, Elate Cosmetics, and Anastasia Beverly Hills produce product refills that you can quickly snap into your palette when you run out instead of having to purchase a brand new palette. I would really like to see permanent refill options available on the tarte website. I feel that this would not be difficult, as many of their contour and blush palettes have the same circular format and pan size already. I don’t want to have to purchase a whole new palette and waste all of that needless packaging when my old palette is just fine and I just need a new pan of bronzer.

I’ve tweeted @tartecosmetics with their hashtag #seathechange and have voiced the need for product refills to reduce plastic packaging that is just going to end up in the ocean or a landfill when we’re done. I hope that you will think about bringing this to their attention as well! I think they are a great company and are more than capable of following through with this next step and practicing what they preach.



  • Laura Mercier Eye Basics Primer in Wheat
  • UD Naked Heat Palette in Ounce, Chaser, Sauced, Low Blow, Lumbre (my favourite), He Devil, Scorched, and En Fuego. Basically the entire damn palette.
  • The black lipstick from the ABH Lip Palette for eyeliner. I’ve been avoiding eyeliner for a long time because it takes so long for me and I don’t feel confident doing it. Of course, one side turned out great, the other, not so much! Any eyeliner tactics you’d recommend? I have shaky hands and zero eyeliner confidence.


  • Maybelline Master Prime by FaceStudio Primer in 300 Blur + Redness Control. This hasn’t really worked for me noticeably well in the past, but I suppose I haven’t used it a whole lot. Trying it out again, because I’m not going anywhere important today and may as well use some of it up!
  • The Ordinary Colours Serum Foundation in 2.0N.
  • Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in 1 (pink under eye corrector)
  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Medium. This is supposed to be full coverage, anti-aging, and waterproof. It’s well-rated on Sephora and sounds promising! I’m going to give it a go for the next few weeks and then perhaps review it. I just know my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Concealer is not cutting it for me lately, so anything will be a step up I’m sure.
  • ELF Finishing Powder in Light/Medium (the silver compact one)
  • Tarteist Contour Kit for contouring
  • Becca Luminous Blush in Bronzed Copper
  • FENTY Killawatt Highlighter in Moscow Mule


  • Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in Get It!

Shop your stash: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Vol. II

I’ve started to “shop my stash” as they call it (I need to come up with a different phrase for this) in an effort to: a) utilize makeup palettes I have forgotten about and don’t think of when doing my daily makeup, b) resist the urge to inflict pain on my Visa balance by shopping for new palettes too often, and c) challenge myself to try different looks. Each week (or so, depending on how many days I actually do my makeup) I’m picking a different palette from my current collection to focus on. I’m starting with eyeshadow palettes because that’s what I have the most of, and am going to work my way through lip palettes, contour palettes, and blush palettes as well.

(P.S. How amazing ABH’s matte lipstick in Dread??)

My first pick was a freshly received palette from my August 2017 Boxycharm box: The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II eyeshadow palette. This is not my most favourite formulation of their eye shadow, as I find that it the shades come off as pretty lackluster, even when I use my finger. Conch and Pearl are soft and buttery, but Marina is basically non-existent unless I really dig my finger or brush in there and build it up for eons. However, the shade selection isn’t bad for a neutral palette and if you’re willing to spend some time with it you can pull off a decent look. I probably wouldn’t have purchased this myself after swatching it, but because I received it in my Boxycharm box I’m going to try to get some decent use out of it!

For my first little dive into the palette I did a bright gold look. In my first year of university essentially all I wore was bright gold and copper eyeshadow, and to be quite honest I’m not sure if my eyeshadow skills have improved or not since then. Marina and Seaside in crease and corners, Pearl and Conch on brow and inner corner, and Sunset applied with fingers all over the lid. I also attempted falsies for the first time, so mind the gap!

IMG_2337Marina in crease, Conch on lid, Pearl on brow and inner corner.

Marina and Seaside in crease, Siren and Seaside for outer corner, Breezy all over lid (with finger, but still patchy af), and Pearl for brow bone and inner corner.

After this whole week, I realized that I’ve got really similar shades in Naked Smoky, and although people complain about Naked Smoky’s formula, it is still a lot better than this palette. I personally adore Naked Smoky, so I may be a little biased!

I think that this is perhaps another downside of makeup subscriptions for me. Though you do get a lot of makeup for a great deal, you do end up collecting a lot of palettes that don’t really float your boat. They end up creating clutter, and unless you have a friend you can give it to, I’m not really sure what else you can do with it!

Because this got me thinking about Naked Smoky and how I haven’t used it in months, I think Naked Smoky will be this new week’s palette. I’ve heard it’s being discontinued by the way, so if you’ve been eying it up for awhile, now’s your last chance!

Highlighting Moisturizers: Tatcha vs. Doctor D. Schwab vs. Tarte

I’m so glad this dewy, moist face look is still so popular because when you have skin as oily as mine you can basically chuck some glitter on yourself and call it a day. It’s nice to use a highlighting moisturizing product when I go barefaced because I feel that it makes my oily skin look radiant rather than just greasy.


I’ve tried three highlighting moisturizing products so far. I’ve also tried adding liquid highlighter to my foundation, but if I’m doing that extra step I may as well be efficient and have some nice moisturizing benefits thrown in. Here’s how these three compare in my eyes:

Most vibrant highlight: Tarte Brighter Days, followed by Doctor D. Schwab Flawless Skin Fluid. If you’re looking for a more subtle glow, Tatcha is a great option. It’s not marketed as a highlighting moisturizer, but it does have 23 karat gold bits in it to make you beam without going into Edward Cullen territory.

Lightest consistency: Tatcha Pore Perfecting Water Gel Moisturizer. It’s a very thin, liquid moisturizer that melts right down into the skin. When my skin is really dry, I do need to apply a second round to feel quenched. Flawless Skin Fluid is a smidge thicker, and Tarte Brighter Days comes closest to a runny cream consistency.

Most expensive: Tatcha pulls ahead with the most expensive price tag at $78 CAD. Schwab again is the middle man coming in at $48 CAD, with Brighter Days costing $42 CAD. However, with Tatcha and Tarte you do get 50mL, but with Schwab you only get 30mL.

Featured ingredients: Tatcha utilizes Japanese Wild Rose to reduce the appearance of pores, and 23 karat gold to boost your glow factor. The Flawless Skin Fluid features one of my favourite ingredients, Rosehip Oil. Not only does Rosehip Oil smell divine, but it is known to help reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation.  My tube leaked all over my purse while travelling in B.C., lucky me.  Tarte doesn’t really plug any specific ingredients in their marketing, other than “water” and “mineral pigments” to moisturize and soothe skin appearance.

Out of them all, I probably love the Tatcha Water Gel Moisturizer the most, for it’s ability to keep my oily skin hydrated without going into that greasy, discoball moisturizer type category. I also adore the healing properties that the Flawless Skin Fluid has, and its comforting rosehip scent.Watch out for the packaging though, as the screw on lid makes leakage probable. Though I didn’t have a problem with the Tarte Brighter Days moisturizer, I would never actually purchase it. I received it as a deluxe sample from Sephora, and have mixed it in with my foundation, but it doesn’t really wow me or do anything substantial for my skin or my appearance. For the steep-ish price, it just didn’t seem quite worth it to me with better options available. I may be biased because I don’t tend to go for cream moisturizers, no matter how thin they are, because of my oily skin (with Tatcha Water Cream being the ONLY exception, but that’s another story). All in all, I’d say they are all decent options! I definitely need to look into more affordable options. I’ve seen that E.L.F. has come out with a lot of skin care products lately, so that is next on my wishlist!


Just peachy


Look of the day!

New ‘do by Brauck at Dolce Salon
Brows freshly waxed by Jayda at Sahara Spa
Face: Coola Rose Essence Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 20), Becca First Light Priming Filter Instant Complexion Refresh, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation and Concealer, Tarteist Contour Palette, E.L.F. Light Blush Palette Quad, ABH Aurora Glow Kit in Eclipse and Lyra, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder in Bronze, UD De-Slick Setting Spray
Eyes: ABH Subculture Palette, ABH Lip Palette for eye liner, TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara
Lips: Peach Portrait by Besame